Improving Vision Function

We are able to improve the vision function of the visually impaired child although we are not able to change the sharpness of his sight.

The level of vision function influences the entire functional ability of the visually impaired child and it varies from person to person. The more the child learns to exploit his residual vision to the best of his capacity, his functioning will improve in all fields (mobility, eating, sociebility, schooling.). Activity for improving vision function will be through play and experience and in accordance to the individual abilities of each child: how much the child can see, his level of comprehension, and how fast he picks up on new concepts.

Unlike a child with normal and intuitive sight, in order to reach the full potential of the visually impaired child there is a need to improve his vision function by teaching three technical skills:

Scanning (the ability to move eye focus from one target to the other)

Tracking (the ability to stay focused when the target is moving in space)

Focusing (concentrating the sight of both eyes together on a visual target)


Examples for means which can be used to improve visual function:

  • A computer with programs adapted to the child’s abilities.
  • Closed circuit TV.
  • Light box.
  • Sand Box.
  • Activity on fitted carpets.
  • Activity on the floor.

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