Family Vacation

The summer vacation brings with it several challenges to families with blind and visually impaired children. Planning a suitable vacation is one of these challenges. ELIYA is well aware of the need for a relaxing and unifying vacation and therefore organizes and funds a 4 day family retreat every year. 15 families of blind and visually impaired children ages four to fifteen participate in this unique initiative.

While seeing children can absorb various natural phenomenons such as trees, streams and deserts through their sense of sight, blind children need a different sensual experience that is based on touch, hearing and body contact. The ELIYA team plans the trip together with nature hike experts, and includes a variety of exciting outdoor activities for the blind child. The ELIYA family retreat combines unique nature activities with an enjoyable and fun vacation for the entire family.

Each blind or visually impaired child has an accompanying volunteer who assists him throughout the entire vacation. As a result, the parents are free to spend equal time with all of their children. The parents as well as the children look forward to spending time jointly with other families who are dealing with similar challenges and experiences; this kind of gathering creates opportunities for mutual support and encouragement.

The ELIYA yearly retreat has earned an excellent reputation throughout the years, and many families return to participate year after year.



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