Vision instructor

Eliya is a rehabilitation framework which specializes in vision. In order to give the children optimal care, it is important to us to have an experienced and knowledgeable professional instructor who coordinates the visual rehabilitation program for every single child; this is the Vision instructor. The Vision instructor is responsible for coordinating between the different specialists who contribute to each child’s care. Thus, she combines all the treatments the child receives into one fully coordinated program that will enable them to improve their visual functioning. In addition, integrating the different kinds of treatment into a single program ensures that these work together successfully and simultaneously. In this way, assistance with vision can help the child to progress in other spheres of his or her life that are influenced by visual functioning, in addition to the effect it is having directly on the child’s vision.

The Vision instructor is an important partner in building an individual learning program for each child. Every child who joins Eliya is different and special, and we build him or her a personal curriculum which is perfectly tailored to his or her needs and abilities and is constantly updated to ensure that the program grows and continues to develop with the child.

In addition, the Vision instructor is in constant touch with the professional director of Eliya and passes on to the staff members the latest innovations in the field. She is responsible for teaching the staff to incorporate these into their daily work with the children.

Throughout the more than 35 years since we were founded, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience and have developed work methods that experience has shown to produce optimal results. The Vision instructor is responsible for teaching the staff in the field what generations of professionals at Eliya have implemented successfully. More important still, she is responsible for learning new things from the staff in the field, based on their experience, to teach professionals in other branches of Eliya.

The Vision instructor is a key role in our professional methodology.

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