Animal assisted Therapy

Animals are an in separate part of our lives, whether one loves them or fears them, helps them or hurts them, children cannot feel indifferent to them. The contact with animals enables easy and intuitive communication that relies on emotions, body language, voice and physical contact – communication that does not need the mediation of words and contributes immensely to the development of sensitivity to the other and the understanding of his needs.

The contact of a child with an animal enables his to express a variety of emotions. The ability of the child to give himself – and also enjoy unconditional love that the animal gives back – contributes to his development, builds his self confidence and improves his sensitivity to be able to absorb emotional signs (love, anger, trust and more). The connection with the animal can create a general pattern that will be copied to the child’s connection with other children and people in general.

At ELIYA we set the goals of the therapeutic work according to the needs of the children in the group, and after the initial acquaintanceship stage, we set more detailed therapeutic goals for the children.

The children face challenging assignments that sometimes require courage and determination: reaching out to the unknown – what will the child find there? And bowl of water with a vibrating and cold fish or maybe a soft and hairy rabbit? Different animals have different body textures, different odors and even different sounds and voices.

The children learn about their other senses and improve and exercise then. Each encounter is accompanies by songs, a story and if possible also with movement.





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