Occupational Therapy

Visually impaired and blind infants suffer from delayed motor development due to the following causes:

  • Lack of interest in surroundings which they don’t see and are not aware of
  • Anxiety and fear of investigating the surroundings that they perceive as intimidating
  • Lack of experimenting and exposure to their surroundings
  • Tendency of people to over protect and prevent motor independence in these children

The delayed motor skill exists on different levels in accordance with the severity of the visual impairment.

Blind children have serious difficulties in jumping, running and complex motor and coordination assignments.

The low volume of movement leads to muscle weakness, bad posture, tendency to be overweight and in the long run pain in joints and limbs that are not exercised.

It is essential to exercise these children’s motor skills in order to expose them to their abilities without any fear; to teach them to plan their steps independently, enjoy movement that is so necessary for their proper emotional development and to strengthen their muscles. To teach them to be aware of their posture, to be daring and move in the environment and discover the world.

Activity takes place in the sports room – in a defined space – and in outdoor activity, in the yard – in an open space.

In addition, the children are divided into a group of blind children and a group of visually impaired children. Each group is continuously active in the yard and then in the sports room. 

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