Evaluation and Guidance

Throughout the years ELIYA has treated many children with complex developmental issues and visual impairment. The professional team at ELIYA have found that the main cause of visual impairment among the children was brain damage, as opposed to ocular damage. In addition, we have found that in most of the children professional intervention significantly improved their use of vision and influenced their development in general.

Due to intensive work with these children, ELIYA’s professional staff have developed and accumulated extensive knowledge in the field. Correspondingly, we have invited professionals from abroad who specialize in the field, thereby leading to further refining of our diagnostic tools and intervention. We found that we can reach better results in a shorter period of time when performing professional and correct evaluation of the visually impairment and vision function and accordingly build a therapy program that is fitted for the child’s needs and relates to adjusting the environment to the child’s needs. Due to the professional skills that were acquired, parents, professionals and therapy institutes approach us to diagnose and evaluate the children they are treating who have a visual impairment and we assist them in building an intervention program.

After the implementation of the rehabilitation daycare law, it seems that many children who suffer from delayed development and visually impairment due to causes related to the brain are integrated in day care institutes. These are usually children with severe development issues that some have various medical needs, with the visually impairment considered to be a minor issue, and the day care’s professional team not qualified in treating them for their vision issues.

Since ELIYA believes that sight is a crucial channel for the rehabilitation process of these children, understanding that these children have rehabilitation needs on the one hand and the staff has needs for guidance and knowledge on the other hand, we have developed an instruction program that is designated for rehabilitation day care that integrates visually impaired children.

The instruction program is built after visiting and meeting with representatives of the institution and is tailored for the specific needs and kind of difficulties the children are facing.

The program is conducted over a period of 10 months and usually includes the following stages:

–        Coordination meeting and evaluating needs

–        Introductory lecture on the topic of vision

–        Evaluating the visually impaired children

–        Summarizing the evaluation and building a therapy program for the child

–        Guidance for the care giving teams

–        Adjusting equipment suitable for the child

–        Continuing instruction once every two weeks and then once a month

–        Interim conclusions with the care giving teams

–        Continuation of instruction

–        Repeated evaluation of the children

–        Summarization meeting with the care giving team.

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