Summer Vacation – Preparing Child and Parent

Throughout the year ELIYA children spend their days in kindergarten – with its secure, stable and educational framework. Then comes summer vacation when they are under the supervision of their parents or babysitter. Many children have some difficulty adjusting to the switch from the kindergarten to the home environment and vice versa when they return to kindergarten. This can also be a challenging time for the parents. But this can also be an enriching time for parent and child to bond, to enjoy positive experiences together and to strengthen the relationship between the child and his siblings. Following are some tips to ease the way to summer vacation:

In preparing for the vacation it’s a good idea to divide the long summer day into two parts – morning and afternoon. Prepare up to two main activities for the day, be it games, creating art with plasticine, blowing bubbles, visit to the local park, play dates with family or friends…the list is endless. You don’t want to overwhelm your child with too many activities. Our (Hebrew) website  has many more suggestions and it is easy to search the web for suitable activities for young blind or visually impaired in English.  Advance preparation with a clear-cut schedule eases the child’s enjoyment of his time at home.

Outdoor activities and trips, say to public parks, zoos, nature walks, etc., if well thought out, are an excellent way to introduce your child to many sensory experiences beyond visual – such as tasting, smelling, hearing and touching.  It’s important to explain to your child in advance what to expect, and to prepare for ling journeys with the help of music and audio stories the child likes.

A nice idea is to prepare (with the help of your child) a scrapbook of all the activities your child experienced during the summer break, including the child’s artwork, souvenirs, etc.

Remember finally to prepare your child for the return to kindergarten as the time approaches, that there may be a new kindergarten teacher, staff and friends ahead.

Enjoy your summer vacation!

By Sarit Levy, National Visual Advisor, ELIYA

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