ELIYA’s wonderful volunteers, some of them have been with us for years, are part of our ability to give ELIYA’s children the care they deserve.

Blind and visually impaired children need closer care in comparison to children with intact vision. First and for most to keep them safe and secondly in order to help them learn. Children use their sense of vision to help them learn, they imitate what they see and also they can comprehend things simply because they can see them.

There are many ways of volunteering in ELIYA, among them:

  • escorting children in the kindergarten or during their activities throughout the day.
  • arranging special activities for the children such as parties and fun days.
  • Photographers and other professional that donate their time and expertise.

If you have love for children and you want to volunteer in ELIYA all you have to do is contact the nearest center or our head office and we will help you find the most suitable way for you.

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