The Round-Up is a cooperative society that enables anyone to contribute small sums daily, via a new, efficient and automatic system.

By joining Round-Up  , anyone making a purchase via credit card can round up the final sum to the closest sheqel and the difference will be forwarded to the charity of the purchaser’s choice.

Every charity that is available has been carefully and scrupulously checked by a public committee headed by the former Chief of Justice, the Honorable Meir Shamgar. This is to ensure that each contribution will be deposited in full with those organizations that provide the maximum benefit to society, transparently and with the most efficient management.

The charities that have been chosen are divided into ten groups according to their activities, such as: children and youth at risk, environment, women, etc.

Round-Up was established in 2008 by Orney Petrushka, Yaakov Burke and Yehoshua Agassi, with its goal to enable anyone to contribute small sums to eligible charities, This cooperative society is part of Round-Up, an international initiative that was selected as an international pioneering effort to which other nations will join.

  • All contributions are transferred, without any fee or interest charged.
  • All listed charities have been scrupulously checked.
  • Registration may be changed or cancelled at any time.
  • A monthly, detailed, computerized report will be displayed on the Circle for Good site, indicating the amount deposited for Eliya.

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