Within the framework of Eliya there are several volunteer groups:

– Board members, who give their time and energy to Eliya’s varied  activities and help raise funds from many sources.

Michael Segal served as volunteer CEO OF Eliya from 1991 to 2010, and is currently Chairman of the Board

 – Adult volunteers who give their time helping in kindergarten groups.

– Volunteers from the business field who help Eliya generally, or one of the branches specifically, according to the needs or request involved.

– Professionals, who volunteer/donate their professional work with the children, with equipment, or with the maintenance of the branches.

– Various groups of young people, students and soldiers, volunteering individually or within the framework of an overseas group or high school project, or through an army unit scheme.

Information on volunteer groups and frameworks

Most adults come independently by contacting Eliya or one of its branches, some through Volunteer Coordinators in local Municipalities.

Young people usually come through their school Volunteer Organizers.

Overseas volunteers come through various groups that work to bring young people toIsrael, such as the Jewish Agency and different Youth Movements.

Available activities for volunteering

Eliya is open to any initiative or proposal for involvement in the volunteering activities: daily assistance with preschool children, accompanying field trips during the year or during summer camp, donating equipment, financing activities, establishing special facilities, etc.


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